Who I Am


Brian is a National Award Winning Speaker and Professor of Communication all by the age of 26.

Brian is a global educator and has established himself as one of the best motivational and informative speakers.

With over 14-years of experience conducting seminars, multi-day workshops, and winning 73+ awards, Brian has developed his own unique style that mesmerizes his audiences.

Today, Brian continues to educate thousands of leaders around the world to unlock lifelong communication confidence.


What I Do

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Go Off-Script

Do you want to confidently respond to any question that is thrown at you? Learn how to respond during any speaking situation that will leave your audience wanting to know more.

Dynamic Live Speaker

Do you want to be a dynamic live speaker? Learn how to capture your audiences’ attention and facilitate their actions to have them listening to your every word.

Done in 120 Seconds

Do you want a dazzling presentation with 2-minutes or less of preparation? Learn how to design a memorable talk that your audience are convinced took you years to perfect.


Who I Work With


I transform High Performers from anxious presenters to dynamic speakers to sell their ideas and true worth to their target audience.


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Own The Stage

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